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Heart Pott is my small batch pottery brainchild - representative of many things, but primarily Joie De Vivre - or the enjoyment of life. 


Heart Pott comes from the idea of adding pleasure to your daily rituals & the things we do the most — sitting around a table, drinking coffee, the decorations in our homes.


I see ceramics as an antidote to our overwhelming consumption habits - consumption of material goods, consumption of digital content. It’s not sustainable for our happiness or physical world. I hope Heart Pott can participate in reducing physical and digital waste by only sharing things that make you feel good. 


Why are 100% of proceeds going to the Chase Child Life Program? I’m passionate about the aesthetics of joy and how small things can bring happiness to otherwise depleting situations. The Chase Child Life program provides services & toys for pediatric patients to inspire play and to ease the hospital environment. Kids are our future, and if our donation can help make one child in a hospital smile, we’ve done good.


All pieces are made by hand with love - meant to be kept forever.

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